Specialist Firm Announces Exclusive Tax-Free Municipal Bond Pricing Service, Now Available to All Municipal Bond Investors

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Specialist Firm Announces Exclusive Tax-Free Municipal Bond Pricing Service, Now Available to All Municipal Bond Investors

(Livingston, NJ/September 26, 2019) GMS Group, a four decades old, tax-free municipal bond specialist firm, today announced the extension of its free pricing service to all municipal bond investors. GMS Pricing Service is designed to help tax-free municipal bond investors make smarter investment choices in an inefficient, over-the-counter (OTC) muni bond market that has minimal defined rules and regulations.

“Tax-free municipal bond investors can potentially benefit from the muni market’s lack of transparency by quickly and conveniently comparing prices,” explains Paul Konsig, GMS Group’s President/CEO. “It costs nothing to compare prices before you buy or sell a tax-free municipal bond. It can cost a lot if you don’t.”

Unlike stocks, municipal bonds do not trade on a controlled or managed exchange, with a set bid and ask price based upon supply and demand. Municipal bonds trade in a relatively unsupervised market, composed of a vast network of unorganized dealers. Therefore, prices can vary considerably from one dealer to another.

In addition, municipal bonds are traditionally a buy and hold investment. Only 1% of the nearly $4 trillion in outstanding bonds trade in a given year. As a result, prices can be arbitrary—often bid too low based on their intrinsic value or offered too high. Industry professionals and knowledgeable municipal bond investors realize the bid or ask price for an inactive bond may not represent the bond’s true worth. The GMS Pricing Service mitigates this problem by providing easy, email access to bond prices via the GMS Group website. There’s no need to engage a GMS Municipal Bond Specialist, unless desired.

“The inefficient tax-free municipal bond market offers unique opportunities for well-informed investors. It simply makes sense to get a second opinion on the value of bonds, when buying or selling,” points out Konsig. “The user-friendly, no-cost GMS Pricing Service helps well-informed tax-free municipal bond investors and portfolio managers benefit from the unique characteristics of the market.”

Broadened access to the GMS Pricing Service means that all municipal bond investors can now utilize this service once exclusive to GMS clients. It’s a simple matter of going to the GMS Group website, requesting a bid or offering price on any municipal bond, and getting a response, quickly returned by email.

For further information regarding GMS Group, the GMS Pricing Service, or tax-free municipal bonds, visit the GMS Group website www.gmsgroup.com.

Contact: D.K. Wright, Vice President, Public Affairs

About GMS Group
GMS Group is a full service financial company, specializing in tax-free municipal bonds. GMS traces its beginnings back to 1979. Today, the 40-year old company still specializes in tax-free municipal bonds, while providing a full range of investment products and services. These services complement the fixed-income needs and objectives of high-net-worth individuals, corporations, states, local governments, banks, insurance companies and others.

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