High-Net-Worth tax-free municipal bond portfolio services.


Municipal bond portfolio monitoring and management options.

A well-maintained investment portfolio is vital to any investor’s success in today’s financial marketplace. For High-Net-Worth individuals, managing a municipal bond portfolio can prove to be a large undertaking depending on the investments involved. That’s where GMS Group bond specialists come in. We offer a variety of High-Net-Worth municipal bond portfolio services. In today’s financial environment, volatility causes dramatic fluctuations which calls for your investments to be frequently monitored. Our specialists have the experience, up-to-date market information and resources to effectively monitor your investment portfolio.

Improve your tax-free municipal bond portfolio.

If your tax-free municipal bond portfolio is $500,000 or more, you are eligible to receive our High-Net-Worth investment portfolio monitoring services absolutely free. There is no obligation to purchase any securities offer. The GMS “High-Net-Worth Portfolio Monitor” is a watchful eye that can guide the tax-free municipal investor through today’s ever-changing market.

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Improve your portfolio.




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