Expertise in tax-free municipal bonds that spans over four decades.


For many High-Net-Worth municipal bond investors, GMS is in a class above other full-service financial companies.

When a High-Net-Worth investor is interested in equities they should be talking to a stockbroker. When they are considering purchasing insurance they should be contacting an insurance specialist. When a High-Net-Worth investor has a municipal bond portfolio and is a frequent buyer of tax-free municipal bonds, they should be utilizing a Municipal Bond Specialist.

The GMS business model is unique among full-service financial companies. GMS services experienced and sophisticated High-Net-Worth tax-free municipal bond investors.

There are many financial companies that, along with an array of other financial products, offer tax free municipal bonds. However, there are very few financial companies equipped to focus, specialize and harness the inefficiencies in the tax free municipal bond market.

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Move ahead in a fast-paced and rewarding environment.

GMS offers qualified individuals an excellent opportunity for both career and personal development with a number of employment opportunities. GMS management believes an investment in quality individuals is an investment in GMS.

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GMS has a professional relationship with a number of reputable corporate and financial identities. For any inquiries regarding our affiliations with these organizations feel free to contact us today or call (877) 467-0070. For information about client privacy, view our disclosures.