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Investment Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring Services from Municipal Bond Experts

GMS offers an exclusive service to individuals whose municipal bond portfolio is $500,000 or more. Our portfolio monitoring service is essential in today’s investment environment and covers vital areas.

Today, volatility causes the stock and bond markets to fluctuate so dramatically and so frequently that monitoring your investments is a vital part of your investment philosophy.

By utilizing THE GMS GROUP’s High-Net-Worth investment portfolio monitoring services, qualified investors will receive:

  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual market evaluations of their holdings

  • Rating updates

  • Notification of called bonds

  • Hold/sell recommendations, unrealized profit or loss report

  • Monthly income report

  • Year-end maintenance

  • Handsome organizational binder for reports and valuable information

GMS offers this extremely valuable service for free as we believe that once you become accustomed to the service and professional approach we offer, you’ll give us an opportunity to service your investment needs.

There is no obligation to purchase any securities through GMS to take advantage of the High-Net-Worth portfolio monitoring services. Today, the expertise of an investment professional has never been more important. GMS also offers portfolio management and portfolio review services.

If your investment portfolio includes $500,000 or more of municipal bonds, learn more about the value of this service by contacting us today. Improve your portfolio and never miss another interest payment as the result of a called bond and stay abreast of events that could affect your holdings by calling us at 877-467-0070.