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THE GMS GROUP Municipal Bond Four Category Approach

Providing a Better Understanding of Investment Grade Bonds

Every municipal bond portfolio contains various degrees of risk, and each bond within a portfolio may be exposed to specific risks. Investors must understand the higher the yield, the greater the degree of risk. Primary risks for municipal bonds are: interest rate risk, credit risk, event risk and, though extremely rare, risk of default.

The difference between purchasing a conservative investment or a more aggressive or speculative investment is not only one’s financial objective, but also the exposure to the various types of risk one is willing to bear.

In order to appreciate GMS investment grade bond offerings, investors should become familiar with the GMS Exclusive Four Category Municipal Bond Approach. For the most part, GMS focuses on bonds their analysts and traders believe represent the most value to investors in each GMS assigned risk category:

GMS brokers are trained as municipal bond specialists and receive a constant flow of municipal bond and investment grade bond news, in-depth research, continuous education and the ability to offer an investor-driven product.

GMS specialists understand risk and are prepared to challenge conventional wisdom when appropriate. They also have the knowledge to oppose media-driven or misguided prevailing investment trends. GMS provides investors with hard-to-find accurate information on municipal bonds that are often erroneously depicted in the news.

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