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Opportunity to Defer Capital Gain Taxes

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

Minimize or eliminate 2015 capital gain taxes

A municipal bond swap is the simultaneous sale of one muni bond and the purchase of another… A municipal bond Tax Swap transaction replaces a muni bond with a market loss with a current market bond with similar or enhanced characteristics… Municipal Bond Tax Swaps can be accomplished in the current muni market environment… There are various strategies associated with a Municipal Bond Tax Swap… Establish paper losses… Upgrade holdings… Extend or shorten maturities… Lock in gains.

A municipal bond Tax Swap can be a very advantageous Tax Strategy… Tax trades usually do not require an additional investment… Quality and income can be maintained... The transaction establishes paper losses… These losses can be carried forward indefinitely... The amount of loss established can be used to offset an equal amount of capital gains… Or offset up to $3,000 of ordinary income in a given year…

Do not pay unnecessary capital gain taxes for 2015…

If you have established capital gains in 2015… Intend to establish capital gains in 2015 or would like additional information on municipal bond swapping... Call today to discuss if a Municipal Bond Tax Swap Strategy would be advantageous to you. 

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