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Career Opportunities at THE GMS GROUP

Move Ahead in a Fast-Paced and Rewarding Environment

GMS offers qualified individuals an excellent opportunity for both career and personal development with a number of employment opportunities. GMS management believes an investment in quality individuals is an investment in GMS.

Available Opportunities

Customer Service

At GMS, customer service emerges from commitment. The various areas of customer service range from sales assistant to back office services personnel. In general, GMS personnel provide services specific to support the efforts of the retail sales force and accommodate clients.

Information Technology

The IT department supports GMS through a variety of strategic solutions that ensure data security and privacy, and support new business opportunities for financial advisors and GMS.

Account Executives

High-Net-Worth investors are drawn to tax-exempt municipal bonds. GMS High-Net-Worth clients not only invest in municipal bonds; their portfolios also include equities, insurance products, corporate bonds, managed money accounts and more.

At GMS, a municipal bond specialist can offer investors a full line of brokerage products and services. GMS will create an individually tailored transition structure for quality financial advisors.

Account Executive Training Program

GMS has a history of success in training qualified individuals to become fixed-income specialists. Qualified individuals are first trained to become full-service licensed securities brokers.

Once an individual is a full-service licensed broker, additional training transforms them into a municipal bond specialist able to offer High-Net-Worth individuals complete brokerage services.

GMS takes pride in being recognized as a specialist in tax-exempt securities. Join our team of experts and submit a resume to one of our locations today. You can also e-mail careers@gmsgroup.com or call 877-467-0070 for more information.