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Over the past 35 years, THE GMS GROUP has continuously augmented and refined our research, trading, expertise, relationships, experience and resources to provide quality municipal bonds and tax-free municipal bonds to High-Net-Worth investors. In addition to these bonds, GMS provides a full range of investment products and services that fixed-income investors can utilize to meet their overall financial objectives.

Municipal bond investors that employ a large brokerage firm eventually discover a generalist is not a muni bond specialist and municipal bonds are only a small percentage of their overall business. At GMS, municipal bonds are our specialty and core product. GMS brokers have the research, analysis and expertise necessary to explain and support every municipal bond available for purchase.

  • Municipal Bonds – Enhance your knowledge of the various types of bonds and explore the GMS Four Category approach. Learn more…

  • Tax-Free Municipal Bonds - Read about the different kinds of tax-free municipal bonds and why these bonds are such an attractive investment. Learn more...

  • Institutional Trading – GMS institutional traders provide industry professionals with valuable liquidity, which in turn can provide GMS brokers and their clients with an exclusive secondary market product. Learn more…

  • Improve Your Portfolio –A GMS specialist will analytically review your fixed-income portfolio and offer recommendations for strategies that can immediately increase your yearly tax-free income and improve the overall quality of your portfolio. Learn more…

GMS is a valuable destination for discerning High-Net-Worth investors. With a personal touch, GMS offers unparalleled market experience and second to none tax-free municipal bond expertise to our individual clients as well as our corporate and institutional clients.

Allow a GMS bond specialist to assist you to meet your objectives today. Contact us or simply call 877-467-0070 to learn more about purchasing municipal bonds or tax-free municipal bonds today.

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