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GMS bond specialists understand that investing in municipal bonds means educating investors. GMS analysts stay on top of the bond market and create special reports regarding the latest tax-free municipal bond news. Check back frequently for updated reports. For more information, contact a GMS bond specialist today or call 877-467-0070

  • The GMS Municipal Bond Four Category Approach - A GMS bond specialist understands risk, is willing to stand apart from the crowd, is prepared to challenge conventional wisdom when appropriate and has the knowledge to oppose misguided prevailing investment trends that are media driven by ill-informed pundits. Read more..

  • How Safe Are Municipal Bonds?Meredith Whitney’s assertion, which she reiterated on“60 Minutes” in December 2010, that the municipal sector would face defaults totaling “hundreds of billions of dollars”, could not be further from reality. Read More...

  • MUDs Provide Funding - MUDSs are political sub-divisions authorized under the Texas constitution to levy taxes, charge for services and issue debt for infrastructure such as water, sewer and drainage, within limited geographically defined areas. Read More...

An educated investor is a successful investor. Put a municipal bond specialist to work for you today. Contact GMS GROUP LLC now or simply call 877-467-0070.