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Investment Portfolio Monitoring and Managing

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015

Navigating today's financial marketplace demands in-depth knowledge and years of experience in order to adequately minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity. Over the past three decades, the financial markets have continued to become more complex, leading investors to depend on constructing a well-maintained investment portfolio with the guidance of highly specialized investment portfolio monitor and managing services.

Focused municipal bond portfolio management can help high-net-worth individuals take advantage of all the unique investment opportunities that are found only in the municipal bond market. Having a trusted source of expert guidance for the bond market, as well as a resource for high-quality equity management, can help individual investors optimize their portfolios, helping to ensure long-term growth of their wealth.

The Benefits of Professional Bond Portfolio Management

An investment portfolio can only be as good as the strategy behind it. Working with a GMS municipal bond specialist offers many benefits, including:

  • Guidance in developing a catered investment portfolio, revolving around the individual's financial objectives
  • Unique insights into the movements of financial markets
  • Essential advice on making profitable financial decisions
  • Updates on current movements and future trends
  • Review and refinement of portfolio options

Developing and maintaining a strong investment portfolio, one that can weather the volatility and complexity of today’s marketplace, requires the care and attention to detail. A municipal bond specialist at The GMS Group has the experience and skill that is necessary to not only survive market fluctuations, but also to thrive off of them. The following equity and bond portfolio management services are available to high-net-worth individuals.

Portfolio Monitoring Services

With a municipal bond portfolio of $500,000 or more, individuals can take advantage of professional portfolio monitoring by leading bond specialists. Investors can count on solid support and guidance through routine market evaluations of holdings, a monthly income report, ratings updates, buy and hold recommendations, end of the year maintenance services, and other services based around individual holdings and market trends. These are complementary municipal bond portfolio management services with no obligation to trade securities through GMS.

Portfolio Management Services

The GMS Group facilitates access to some of the top equity portfolio managers in the country. Investors enjoy the counsel from a personal Account Executive, who will guide and oversee the entire process. This executive will ensure clients are offered the best managers in the country based on individual investment styles, preferences, and objectives. This is a fee-based equity investment management program.

Portfolio Review Services

A municipal bond investment portfolio review is essential to ensure that all assets are performing optimally and that no changes need to be made. If there is a way to improve a portfolio, a municipal bond expert will find it, examine the outlook, and work with the investor to make appropriate adjustments based on individual financial expectations and goals.

The municipal bond market provides remarkable opportunities to sophisticated investors because of the reliable flow of investment income and tax advantages. As the financial markets continue to grow increasingly complex, assistance from experienced professionals is a necessary component of long-term investment success. Regular portfolio maintenance can help high-net-worth individuals get the most out of their investments and enjoy all the benefits of having a diligently cared for portfolio.

The municipal bond specialists at The GMS Group offer a variety of bond portfolio management services, including monitoring, management, and review. Contact one of our experts today at 877-567-9811 to learn more about how to improve and maintain your investment portfolio.