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Monday, Jan 11, 2016

When You Think Tax Free Municipal Bonds… Think GMS

1.) The GMS Group specializes in tax-free municipal bonds.

2.) Institutional portfolio managers have more than one source for municipal bonds, individual investors should also have more than one source for muni’s.

3.) There can be a significant divergence of inventory and bond prices from dealer to dealer. A municipal bond specialist can make an important difference.

4.) A majority of firms do not focus on the muni market, therefore their brokers may not have access to attractive secondary market situations as they become available.

5.) Many brokers under the pretext of diversification tend to offer individuals seeking tax exempt income leveraged tax-exempt bond funds in lieu of individual bonds.

6.) Locating an advisor within a large brokerage (Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Raymond James, etc) who is knowledgeable and focuses on muni bonds can be difficult.

7.) Offering a limited amount of undervalued muni bonds can undermine the appeal of the multimillion dollar general market inventory the large brokerages offer their brokers and clients. Large brokerage firms tend to protect their inventories and would rather not offer limited amounts of undervalued higher yielding bonds to individuals.

8.) Limited supply bonds are predominately traded by firms that specialize in muni’s.

9.) Finding a good source for municipal bonds requires a concerted effort. Compare GMS bond offerings, prices and expertise with your current source for municipals.

10.) The majority of GMS institutional clients are tax-free municipal bond fund portfolio managers. On a daily basis GMS transacts multimillion dollar secondary market buy and sell transactions with portfolio managers, access to these bonds through GMS retail brokers is a benefit to GMS municipal bond clients.

11.) Municipal bonds are a small percentage of a large brokerage firms overall business. At GMS municipal bonds are our specialty and core product.

12.) A GMS broker has research and analysis to support every bond in GMS inventory.

13.) For over thirty five years GMS inventory, research, trading, expertise, experience and resources have focused on providing attractively priced, quality municipal bonds to “High Net Worth” individuals. Put a municipal bond specialist to work for you!

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